I’ve been asked many times over the years to feature my work in some public form, so here it is. One interesting side effect of this project was an emotional one; I found I was simply unwilling to let go of my work. I really enjoy my hobby, and letting go of it was proving quite difficult for me.

However, my oldest son, Lucas, unwittingly helped me with that. As he matured to manhood, I realized that if I can let go of something as precious as my firstborn son, then I can do the same with my art work.

For me, these works are a journey and each has a story of its own.

My fascination for blades of all kinds goes back to childhood. Sitting in a dentist’s office at age 11, I saw an advertisement in Field and Stream magazine for a “lock blade stiletto”. It was $3.75 plus .50 postage and handling. (Yes, friends, even back then, that was cheap!) But I didn’t care about that - I sent away for it with my allowance.

The anticipation was maddening and when it arrived, it was love at first sight. I didn’t know or care that I could’ve snapped the thing in half with a quick turn of my wrist. I didn’t care that none of the parts were as advertised. It was my first knife and it was a beauty...

Needless to say, the combination of woodwork, etching, leatherwork and knives has turned out to be a perfect outlet for my off-the-stage creative side.

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